06-01-2016, 05:16 PM
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Selling few soaps today. I placed big custom order with Michelle to produce Marrakesh bath soap with 20% Shea butter and no sea salt. Michelle standard offering is with sea salt which I don't like.

Love the soap , create very rich lather and beautiful scent. I just order too much!!

Each bar is cut for me 8-8.5oz . I like big bars.

I have (6) 8oz bars for sale , each $11 x 6= $66 shipped.

Or buy $12 each plus $3 shipping

[Image: d8c9b5755a1fdd4984b068f372dfc6e5.jpg]
[Image: 8ae14205ecb534afb4310f34bec66348.jpg]

I also selling (3) standard size 4.5oz , each $5 x3 = $15 plus $3 shipping

[Image: 7d4a8b18ac675a8ed2573f56fdeb0b7b.jpg]

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 06-02-2016, 05:20 AM
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Wow.  Those are some awesome-sized bath soaps!  

I'd get one but for two reasons:  1) I have a backlog of bath soaps to get to (I'm a bath soap junkie), and 2) I'm allergic to cedar. 

Good luck with the sale. Michelle's bath soaps are great.

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