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Stupid question: why are the Bond Street, Tabak and other shave soaps brands exclusively for shaving? I mean I used bars of Dove and Pre de provence in my life, but I don't think you can shave with those. So, what distinguishes a soap as one to shave with?

Thought I knew the answer, but after heading to a couple of nonshaving stores with soaps, I realized I had no clue, why a shaving soap was just that and a bath soap bar was not the same, or maybe it is?

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 06-02-2016, 05:29 AM
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Bath soaps and shaving soaps are both soaps, but the qualities of the soap differ.  Bath soaps are more cleansing.  Suds created by bath soaps tend to be bubbly and not particularly long lasting.  

To be a good shave soap, lather should be thick and creamy, not airy or fluffy, and it should have staying power so it doesn't dissipate on your face while you shave.  Ideally, it should not be overly cleansing, because that tends to dry the skin; rather, it should be soothing to the skin.  It needs to be slick, too, but most soap lathers are slick, including most bath soaps.  

You can certainly use a shaving soap in the shower, and it serves the purpose quite well (albeit usually at a much higher price).  And you can use a bath soap for shaving, but usually it is less satisfying.  Lather is slick but tends to be bubbly, short-lived, and not as protective.

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Well stated, Kingfisher, I just hope the OP can see it  Facepalm ... Laughing1 j/k

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