06-02-2016, 09:11 PM
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Suprisingly, yesterday I decided for the sake of time, my fourth shave would be both my face and head in the shower-risky I know.

I showered, and used a new shave bowl. It was a small plastic salsa bowl that was on sale in the grocery store for $1.20. I had looked at a lot of cups, mugs and bowls many made out of glass, porcelin, etc. But, this one had numerous positives: the size fit my single hand grip amazingly, the textured plastic on the outside of the bowl improved the grip immensely, the cheap plastic ensure no chipping nor destruction if dropped. All for $1.20.
I finished my shower, used my synthetic brush to dip into Tri-coastal White Birch and tobacco shave butter. I didn't used any water, due to the humidity of the warm shower would have made lather runny. The lather was consistent, but not great: I made more of a point to work the shave butter in. I used a new Personna blade. 

The lack of a mirror put me a new distinct disadvantage, but I though that wold be minimized by the fact I shave exclusively with my disposable BICs in the shower on the same face. So, I forged ahead carefully, like your elderly grandma driving her Cadillac home from church.

I made it through three reasonable passes: WTG, XTG, and ATG. The issues were trying to gauge where the blade had been on my face and performing the next stroke exactly where it needed to be. But, I will probably go back to shaving out of shower, with a mirror-that visual reflection will improve my line of sight immensely and my confidence even more. This was a score of 74. 
I moved on to my head and immediately realized, I couldn't gauge the lather thickness of this brushless shave butter without a mirror. Clearly, without experience lacking a mirror is an added disadvantage for a novice. But, with my head I thought I could use my off shave hand to seek out the areas on my head to assist with the shave. After three gingerly passes-WTG, XTG and ATG-I actually did ok. I'd score it a 78.
Thankful that there were no cuts, nicks or gashes on my face nor head.
I cleaned my brush and razor, and placed them in my new bowl-which had the perfect depth, despite being on the smallish size. I rinsed off with warm water under the shower spicket. I then, turned off the hot water and did a full body rinse with icy cold water head to toe. I finished by patting my head and face dry with a towel upon exiting the shower. I used a tea tree spray and finished with Kiss My Face Olive oil and Aloe lotion. 

Takeaways: I need to keep it simple. That whole shower scene could have ended badly. So, I need to check my ego and put more thought into controlling my environment to assist towards a better shave. Be more aware of the time commitment that is needed to accomplish a good shave-more is better. Also, figure out and commit to a solid shave routine: I saw that I had some wiggle room with shaving my face and head at the same time, but I'm going to stick to alternating days. Lastly, I need to use better products asap.

But, I can say the "golden hour" remained outstanding. I felt like a million bucks while out later shopping for cigar supplies and groceries for the coming bad weather (we're predicted to have 4 days of severe thunderstorms locally).

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