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You live long enough and life becomes measured by loss and change. My Japanese neighbor shares a newspaper for the SOCAL Japanese-American community which in turn I pass on to my  friend Steve. It's funny, being up to date on Japanese American events. I just enjoy handling a real newspaper again. It's tangible; like LPS or even those new fangled CDs in a world that wants my money for music access on the internet. We lost Ali last night. He was many things to different people. I briefly met him years ago at the nearby Hotel. He was here for a charity event. I was renting a car from the sub leased agency on premises. They entered early and aside from staff It was just me. I started chanting ALI! ALI! ALI! and the concierge turned paler than I am.
Ali was able to muster a smile and gave me a wink. One of his aids walked over, pressed my shoulder and said a simple 'thankyou for that'. Change is the
only surety in life. But sometimes people  don't really leave, their words and deeds still a musical hum in our souls.

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 06-04-2016, 08:57 AM
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genuine artists leave lasting impact

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 06-04-2016, 01:02 PM
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To quote Håvamål;
    Deyr fé,
    deyja frændr,
    deyr sjalfr it sama,
    ek veit einn,
    at aldrei deyr:
    dómr um dauðan hvern.

Or for those less fluent in Old Norse;
    Cattle die,
    kinsmen die
    you yourself die;
    I know one thing
    which never dies:
    the judgment of a dead man's life.

Say what you like about him and his life, he has left a lasting mark on this world.

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 06-04-2016, 01:19 PM
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Ali was larger than life. A cultural icon. Right there with the Beatles, Elvis, Sinatra.

We interacted once. Ali was polite, friendly and humble. Back in 1981, while working at ABC Radio Network division pushing paper from one pile to another, I was asked to cover the phones for 5 minutes to provide relief relief. So anyway, just then, Howard Cosell's line rings. It was Ali himself, calling last minute to cancel dinner plans that evening with Mr. Cosell. Mr. Ali was quite thankful to me for taking the time to take his message. His voice and manner were that of a kind person. I will never forget those 12 seconds.

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