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I have a gold plated moustache razor that I purchased used. Though used, it shows very little wear to my eye, though the pictures below allow you to make your own judgment. I purchased it on a whim early in my DE adventures when my upper lip was regularly bloodied in an attempt to get a BBS. As it turned out, I never even used it and now have sufficient skill with my regular razors that I don't need it. Included with this is the new, unopened pack of Merkur blades I purchased.

Merkur sells a razor very similar to this, but there's a marking on the underside of the head that says "Japan" and the handle design is slightly different. I was never able to find a maker, but perhaps someone here knows. The Merkur sells for 25-30 dollars and blades are another 7 or 8. I'd like 20 dollars for this including postage CONUS/Canada only. If any of my international friends would like it, drop me a note and we'll see what the postage is.


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