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Time to let some stuff go (Again). Prices do not include shipping. Discounts will be offered if 3 or more items are purchased. Prices are in CAD.

Le Pere Lucien Traditional Scent Soap 200g & AS - $60
Country Club Lemongrass - $15
Dapper Dragon Watermelon - $10
Phoenix Neroli 8oz - $15
Dapper Dragon Cucumber Melon - $10
Merkur 34c (Small ding on the side of the head) - $30

41 Personna Lab Blue Blades
4 Astra Superior Stainless Blades

Looking to trade the blades for Voshkod's mainly. Message me if your interested and we can settle on how many. Mainly want to trade the blade lot but if you want to purchase please message me also.

Gillette Shaving Cream

Open to offers but mainly looking to sell. Message me if you have any questions. Freebie will be offered first come first serve to bundles. Thanks Gents!

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