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Good day everyone,

Below are some items that are just not getting any use so they are up for sale...
[Image: 9b8f6564d48f5bccbe0611dc9394384f.jpg]

J.A. Henckels Twin Works #50
Made in Germany
5/8 by 3" blade
Jimps on bottom only
Overall in great condition, no chips or rust to the cutting edge. This razors does not have perfect wear along the cutting edge but you have to really pay attention to notice it. Super light pitting if you take a really close look at the blade. The scales are natural horn.
Asking: $65 shipped (OBO) Pends funds
[Image: e02ed155069250b0cc0e37b7cdd16610.jpg][Image: 159415deb444f9073cdaaad2f1a392dc.jpg][Image: 3263045c0e389032b5958bd018e4e317.jpg][Image: 2f2c8b18fdb840b6e7086bc62df8d1b1.jpg][Image: ee70c6a5c5f311586ff52cf92b0bdcfb.jpg]

Next, H. Boker & CO.
Made in Germany
5/8 by 3"
Jimps on top and bottom
Over in good condition. The blade also has signs of use. However, no chip or rust on the cutting edge. This blade also shows slight uneven wear on the cutting edge but also barely noticeable. The blade does show perhaps rust (black in color) where the blade meets the scales, I took a picture of it but not super visible. Scales in good shape.
Asking: $50 shipped (OBO) Pends funds
[Image: d6729ea896d98e0a61b7728b5652e2ba.jpg][Image: 387fc4ea4a23ae57baeb89f5c7ee14f9.jpg][Image: 41d3eb7ba8efa2d8f2cdd41e18efe9a7.jpg][Image: c0046fa45ddb28c223dc1aa3b0371ccc.jpg][Image: f3843f9e289b44069fd7602182e100ef.jpg]

Next, Gillette SS TV special
Date code: D1
Made in the USA
Asking: $20 shipped (OBO)
This razor is in excellent condition. No obvious brassing, nickel plating in outstanding condition. TTO and silos open and close as they should. Just a great razor.
[Image: e056ed24cfcbafc525c1b1efc4121b3e.jpg][Image: e876faa614737dd55d561ea06b4e3236.jpg][Image: dd26b6a6254a135d72b7bd8ac3a265c8.jpg][Image: 7de47ff642d2782343c62e5e903b1540.jpg][Image: 6f4469345c9789a23db9261f8b5f7783.jpg]

Finally, Gillette Tech (Pends Funds)
Date code: K4
Made in England
I actually purchased this razor NOS in seal packaging. No brassing on the razor, nickel plating in outstanding condition. I will say, since these razor are obviously not high end Gillette the plating is not as nice as or smooth like say the adjustable but I will say it is an amazing shaver and the locks in the blade very well on each corner... No need to adjust the blade in other words...
Asking: $15 shipped (SOLD)
[Image: bbdf7367103444241a56f48f27099846.jpg][Image: 0bd6bc2e3fec73e054d009387ebb4ccb.jpg][Image: da8d1fc9fb32d1c99a4a568110481d43.jpg][Image: 43564616cd919580cc443276e697f052.jpg]

Before I forget I also have a 3" basic leather only strop for the straight razors in like new condition from whipped dog and he also sharpened the razors as well. So the straight razors are shave ready as per his standards. As always if you have any questions please let me know. Have a great day.

P.S. I'm asking $15 for the strop, I can send pictures in interested...

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All sold, thank you.

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