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Dorgo is a big Korean factory.
As shaving, one part of the company, they make a lot of different system and few DE razor.

My preferred is the PL602.
Full plastic, ultralight, easy to use ... specially on travelling, great holding and centering of the blade, well balanced.
But I don't like the 2-piece shape of this.

So whatching how It works, I've opened the base-handle part, and removed the support wings and cleaned with sand paper.
And now the perfect balance (cap 3g, base 3g, handle 6g) of this ultralight (in weight and money) razor is even better.
For sure It's easier to box for travel.
And I've named it: Wink 

Dorco PP603
3-piece hack (PL602)
[Image: image.php?image_id=38431]

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 06-10-2016, 06:56 AM
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Interesting.  Never seen/heard of this razor.

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