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Here are two great brushes at great prices.  As described below, both brushes are virtually new.  Neither has shed any hair or has any cosmetic issues.  Prices include CONUS shipping by Priority Mail with tracking and insurance.  PayPal.  No trades please.

Simpson Duke 3 Manchurian  SOLD

The knot has a diameter of 24.50+mm, with a loft of 48mm.   The knot exhibits all the great qualities Simpson Manchurian is well known for, including strong backbone, and a nice balance of softness and scrub.  No scritch as I define that term.  The brush was purchased new from Simpson in November 2015 and was used for three shaves.  I like the knot but the handle is too small for me.  I thought that would be the case when I bought it, but had to try the brush due to its stellar reputation.  I have three Simpson M7 Manchurians which have a similar knot with a handle I prefer, so those are the ones I'm keeping. 

Purchase price from Simpson, including shipping, was $326.86.

Sale price is $200.00.  SOLD  

Simpson Chubby 2 Best  SOLD

The knot has a diameter of 29mm, with a loft of 54mm.  This brush is such a classic that I don't think any description or explanation is necessary.  The brush was purchased from Royal Shave this month, while it was on sale, and was used for one shave.  Years  ago I sold my Chubby 2 and Chubby 3 in Super because I developed a preference for 2-band brushes.  All my current brushes are 2-band and I didn't anticipate ever going back to 3-band brushes.  However, I had never used a Chubby 2 in Best, and when I saw it at a low sale price at Royal Shave I decided to give it a try.  The brush was everything I expected it to be.  It has the density and backbone the Chubby 2 is famous for.  This particular knot is soft, with no scritch as I define that term.  Indeed, this Best feels about the same to me as the Chubby 2 in Super I used to have.  However, I have gotten so used to the backbone and scrub of my Chubby 2 Manchurians that I can't go back to a 3-band Chubby 2.

Purchase price from Royal Shave was $122.35.

Sale price is $95.00.  SOLD   

[Image: SVBzmpb.jpg] 

[Image: lY2sw56.jpg]

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 06-15-2016, 02:13 PM
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Chubby 2 is sold.  Thanks everyone.

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 06-15-2016, 06:44 PM
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Duke 3 is sold.  Thanks everyone.

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