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I made the The Official facelather Club united, TOFLAC-U, some years ago now, first on B&B, then later on The Nook.
Now it's time to launch TOSLAC-U, The Official Superlather Club United.

Now I feel like it's time to make an official club for us guys, that like to superlather and fine, that it always give you some benefits, that makes it worthwhile.

For some time now, I have mainly been using one product at a time, to evaluate a given shaving soap or shaving cream.

I have been fortunate, because most of the times I have been  using fantastic soaps and creams, that performance wise didn't make me long for my beloved superlather, but here and then I have been using sub par average performing products, that I just know would be massively improved performance wise just from using the product in a s uperlather.

A couple of days ago I used a Lea Classic hard soap, that gave me a couple of bad shaving experiences. I never did try that soap in a superlatyher, but I know 99% surely, adding a cream of decent quality would have improved the lather quality close to immensely.

I first started superlathering 3-4 years ago, when I had problems generating a proper lather with one product alone. What products was that ? MWF :-)

Lack of experience, not knowing to load enough product on the brush, made me look for solutions and help.

Stumbled upon a guy on YouTube, that made Überlather, and got fantastic volumes of quality lather. Überlather is the mix of a shving soap, shaving cream and some drops of glycerine.
At the time I didn't have glycerine, so I thought I could at least try mixgin just a shaving cream and a shaving soap and see what happened. The later add some glycerine.

I never bought the glycerine, because just mixing the cream and the soap gave me incredible results, that I could not believe were true.

Lather simply exploded on my face (I always face lather), but not in a runny way or lather flying around. The lather was thick, dense and moist and it started to build upon the lather on the skin, so the lather stayed in place, until there was so much, that it slowly started to be influenced by gravity, but not in an uncontrolled runny way. Thick dense creamy lather that just moved slowly down my face.

What products did I use for my first superlather ?

The soap was as mentioned MWF, the cream was Musgo Real Classic.

After this experience, I started to try other combinations to see if my firast result just was a lucky strike.
Truned out it wasn't.

Every soap and cream I mixed all gave me a far better and more luxurious feeling and performing lather.

I could not believe my luck. I went on doing this technique, but kept quiet about it, not wanting to show, that I felt I had to mix a soap and a cream to get a proper lather.

With experience I realized, that I have to use an outstading soap OR cream, to obtain the same quality of lather from that product alone as compared to two less great products mixed in a superlather.

How come this is so ?
Can't explain it, sorry.

Superlather just works for me and in 99% of the times I use, I feel it gives me a superior lather and shave.

Just today I wanted a good lather after having used the poor Lea Classic hard soap.
So I mixed DR Harris Marlborough hard tallow soap and O'Melhor shaving cream.

The technique I use for my superlather:

I first apply the cream to my wet face, dab a little all around the face, just a little.
If it's a harder cream/dried out cream, I apply the cream with a moist synthetic brush.

Then I swirl my wet badger brush du jour in the soap, make sure I give it a proper load (20-30% of the top bristles need to be covered with soap), and put the brush to work on my face loading the soap on top of the cream.
Result: Thick, dense, creamy lather.
It takes a bit more loading time to get the soap and cream to mix, but once it mixes, the lather starts to explode into thick white great SUPERLATHER !

Superlather is especially benefial for rookie wetshavers, but in my opinion can benefit all wet shavers, no matter their experience level.

There are a lot of guys, that don't want to mix products and feel like one product is enough and why use more and if one product alone does not work, just move on and try another procust that suits you better.

I totally respect them and their opinions.
As said I often only use one product, especially for testing purposes (I own a LOT of soaps and creams, so I test products very often)

But each and every time I come back to my superlather, I nod my head and say to myself, why I don't superlather for ALL MY SHAVES !?!

Ohhh......I forgot - DR Harris Marlborough hard soap and O'Melhor soft cream mixed in superlather today gave me one of my best shaves of the year, performance wise, scent wise and lather wise.

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I take it this club if for folks who have too many soaps/creams. Biggrin

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 06-17-2016, 04:22 PM
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Claus, I've enjoyed many fine superlathers too. That was an enjoyable read for this shaving geek. Truly an ode to the beauty of superlather. Well done, sir  Clap.

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 06-17-2016, 04:35 PM
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Claus, I do this quite often for the added luxury and specifically added scent.  and yes it does help use product up but not too significantly.  my tube of Arlington has lasted a good long time doing this.

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 06-18-2016, 01:58 PM
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Today I used Speick shaving cream mixed with Speick shaving stick in an amazing superlather.

Lather quality + performance = 10/10

Tomorrow's superlather: Caties Ocean Grove + Mühle organic shaving cream

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 06-21-2016, 11:08 PM
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I heavily load my brush with Proraso Green soap in the tub then bowl lather with a about an inch of Proraso Green cream from the tube while adding a few drops of water at a time.  It works very well and creates a lot of lather.  I also do this but use modern Williams mug soap and then bowl lather with the P-Green cream.   Great slickness from the Williams (which I think  still contains a small level of tallow) and cooling and lather volume from the Proraso.   I've mixed a brush loaded with P-White soap in tub with P-Green cream.  Again, great results as both the white and green contain menthol but the white soap seems to add a little more cushion or "creaminess".   So....ya, I'm on board with this Claus.

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 06-22-2016, 07:46 AM
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My favorite super lather combination is Tabac and AOS Sandalwood cream. Wonderful stuff.
I use XPEC unscented quite frequently for super lathers as it is truly unscented. It has saved some abysmally performing Penhaligon's soaps from being relegated to the shower.

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