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I woul like to sell these items as a lot,CONUS,Paypal Shipping included

All of this for   $ 40.00 Shipped  SOLD

Merkur 42C, New in Box never used retail $28.95 + shipping
No Name German Old style Razor,much heavier than Gillette
Handle has a couple of spots,Head has no plate loss  Retail Market price $15
Wave Stainless steel handle from UK 3.5 in long 75 grams retail $30 + shipping
Great for a large hand
EJ 89 Lined handle retail ?$12.50
Lord L6 razor  No alignment issues with aftermarket Aluminum handle retrail $12 + shipping

PLUS A FREEBIE..  A new unopened 444 after shave balm retail $ 10 + shipping

[Image: SnTywqU.jpg]

[Image: R0gWZar.jpg]

[Image: CX6Orau.jpg]

[Image: bmSMlDU.jpg]

[Image: V3EiEVx.jpg]

[Image: 992kQK5.jpg]

Thanks for looking

Sold, thanks NOOK

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