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Looking to pass along some wonderful brushes that have been replaced in my rotation due to a recent expensive brush purchase. Biggrin  All prices include shipping CONUS, international is fine if buyer will help out on the shipping difference. Prices are OBO, so if you think I'm off please feel free to PM me an offer. 

Sold - TSN LE Simpson Phyl8 - Another wonderful brush that got replaced. I had no trouble face lathering with it, but some might find it just a hair on the floppy side for that if they are used to the super backbone of the 2-Band. Wonderfully soft legendary Simpson Best knot in a classic handle shape. Faux tortoiseshell. 
MSRP: Unsure

Asking: $90
More Pics: http://imgur.com/a/PeeOi

[Image: yyAhW8T.jpg]

Semogue Owner's Club 2-Band - What needs to be said? One of the best 2-Band brushes out there. The pricey bugger I just bought is directly replacing this one otherwise I wouldn't be selling it. 
MSRP: $95
More Pics: http://imgur.com/a/6LTsS

[Image: DLMHNUt.jpg]

SOLD - Thank you TSN! Semogue 730HD Silvertip - This is a VERY versatile silvertip. Extremely soft tips, but still has enough backbone to face lather. One of the few "do-it-all" silvertips I've ever found. Again, it is only leaving because it was replaced by something else. 

MSRP: $85
More Pics: http://imgur.com/a/mHHL8

[Image: ktV71iY.jpg]

SOLD Epsilon White Horse Hair “Fan Shape” Black Shaving Brush - 27mm (28 at the neck) x 47mm, short loft, almost looks/feels like a flat top. I wanted to try horse hair again, but it's a bit too scrubby for my baby face. Live and learn I suppose. This thing is nearly broken in, still has a little relaxing to do if you are familiar with horse brushes. 

MSRP: A little under $50 shippied iirc
More Pics: http://imgur.com/a/6mchg

[Image: CiCQaoM.jpg]

NOS "Vintage" Geo F. Trumper Vulfix 2235S - 22mm (23 at the neck) x 53mm. Vulfix made Trumper, brand new in box. I say "vintage" because it's not THAT old, but its going back a little ways (90's maybe?). Big, luxurious, floppy silvertip knot. Designed for the gentleman who loves a good bowl lather, primarily creams I would think. Also wonderful for a collector if that's your thing. 
MSRP: Marked $130 on the box
[/b]More Pics: http://imgur.com/a/dIag6

[Image: dVnAviM.jpg]

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