06-20-2016, 05:54 PM
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Hi all,

A few items up for sale tonight. First is an Epsilon 3-band silvertip in 50mm loft. This is an EXCELLENT brush, so much so that I think I want the Krion version. I got this new about a month ago and have used it 5-7 times. I did use it tonight and it lost two hairs, I definitely want to mention that. These cost $128 shipped to the US with the G&C coupon. I'm asking $107 shipped conus.

[Image: e3e2bcc8e00fc74361a0a7db0fec9567.jpg]

[Image: 83041a1267e8b5c689fa72d551791ee7.jpg]

[Image: cec3c9deafe1245cc6a4914bb8e3c116.jpg]

[Image: d20e982a73e6b6cb02a70d0d526580be.jpg]

Next is a few months old Muhle R89 Rose Gold and R41 head. This retails for ~ $35 on the R89 and $19.50 on the R41 head from Connaught's. Used a handful of times and then I went OneBlade. Will send you a few tucks of various blades too. Would like to sell as a set for $39 shipped conus. SOLD

[Image: b8a429320c9f28d78b82ffe854bf284e.jpg]

[Image: c80d1c25c7ea2b51bb15c7a7413896b2.jpg]

[Image: cc8f42e3f603b8bba61dd947a66a4a08.jpg]

[Image: a2f4680499f6bcfec2f9922028c9fd32.jpg]

[Image: b3d00637e6dd32522ed0e6c0aee2f57b.jpg]

[Image: bb0a1550209365c6f21172c6980cd54d.jpg]

[Image: 14e7e48dec9121ab54400c121823883e.jpg]

[Image: fe7f226eea7784d0e8890e52751cbf43.jpg]

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 06-22-2016, 03:23 PM
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Have to pull the Epsilon down, it lost too many hairs today.

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