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Last year i heard Master's was producing a Polo Green type aftershave.I figured I would get a bottle soon.Well it turned out to be later.Last time I was in Atlanta with the wife we stopped in AtlantBarberBeautySupply and I picked up a bottle and a few others.I have been meaning to post my thoughts so here it goes.

Master's Jade-15oz/563ml  bottle  of dark green liquid.The, ingredient list is rather sparse deionized water, glycerine,SdAlcohol 40,fragrance,color.The scent is rather nice,has the Polo green notes of spruce.Skin conditioning is okay due to the glycerine.I really liked it out the bottle.On the skin it is rather  nice and soothing.Scent is very nice.That is the good.The bad....the scent lasts less than 30 minutes.I really wanted to like this stuff but  the lack of staying power is a deal breaker for me.I like a scent that stays around at a low level throughout the day.This bottle will go to the back of the cabinet or get turned into air freshener.

But if you like an a/s that is short lived this is one for you.Probably pair it with some Polo or Pino Sylvestre and it would be good.

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