06-24-2016, 06:37 AM
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I found this thread by our own Hoosier Trooper in the old website for "The original safety" re: SE razors.  Being a die-hard DAMASKEENE fan, I thought it was too cool not to share:

I have read numerous times that there wasn't really a 1912 known as the "Damaskeene", that it's simply a nickname for the early models that advertised the Gem Damaskeene blade. Well, I was digging through some old magazine ads and found these that actually refer to the razor itself as a Damaskeene. So I guess we have been historically correct all this time and now I can refer to my absolute favorite razor by it's legitimate given name!

[Image: damaskeene.jpg]


[Image: damaskeene4.jpg]

1918? 1919?

[Image: damaskeene2.jpg]

[Image: damaskeene3.jpg]

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