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Shave den clearing time. All items include free shipping. CONUS only. Payment by PayPal. No trades. Thanks for looking.

iKon Shavecraft 102 Head, Retail $40, Asking $20 -- SOLD
Used about a dozen times, but there is some copper coloring showing through the finish on the thread post of the top cap and on the underside of the baseplate. No copper coloring shows when the head is assembled. Reduced the price to reflect this condition.

[Image: oICuQ8A.jpg][Image: KJVqnnh.jpg]

ATT S1 Head, Retail $146, $110 - In great condition - WITHDRAWN

[Image: DOJAeGh.jpg][Image: Xc8HJvM.jpg]

iKon Bulldog Stainless Steel Razor Handles, 80mm, Retail $32 each, Asking $20 each. These are the bulldog handles without the iKon logo. -- ALL HANDLES ARE SOLD.

[Image: ZXJurbK.jpg]

Doug Korn D7 Shavemac 2-Band Silvertip, 26mm x 46 mm, Paid $198, Asking $175 $160 WITHDRAWN
Used about 6 times, but I've gravitated to preferring short, fat handles, and I have three other Shavemac 2-band silvertips in the same dimensions. It's a soft, scrubby, beauty of a brush.

[Image: pe6YArb.jpg][Image: Nb6Gltl.jpg]

B&B Razor Travel Case (Used), Retail $22, Asking $12 -- SOLD
The case is in excellent condition, but it does have a small tear on the upper layer of leather shown in the second picture.

[Image: msJHjUw.jpg][Image: FTsndnA.jpg]

B&B Razor Travel Case (New and Sealed), Retail $22, Asking $22 -- SOLD

[Image: tsYeA1v.jpg]

ATT Razor Travel Case, Retail $42, Asking $30 -- SOLD

[Image: nJaSVWs.jpg][Image: f1p1Xok.jpg]

Razor Stand Lot - Asking $10 for all -- SOLD
* Omega Razor and Brush Stand, Retails $17
* Saville Row Large Razor Stand, Retails for $17.95 - This stand was too large for my brushes, so I have bent the prongs to fit, so the prongs may not be perfectly uniform.
* Clear Plastic Stand - Retails for $7.00

[Image: E8JH2yh.jpg]

Razor Blade Lot - Asking $25 for all, 355 blades in all -- SOLD
5 - Rapira Platinum Lux
25 - Rapira Swedish Supersteel
20 - Rapira Stainless Steel
75 - Polsilver Super Iridium
10 - Astra Superior Platinum
25 - Personna Lab Blues
195 - Sputniks

[Image: u6wo9r6.jpg]

Soap Lot - Asking $25 for all -- SOLD
* Proraso Blue Cream, Retails $10.00, Used once
* Simpson Shaving Cream, Retails $25.00, New and Unused
* Edwin Jagger Limes and Pomegrante Puck, New and Unused, Retails $9.00
* Haslinger Schafmilch Shaving Soap with Sheep Milk and Lanolin, New and Unused, Retails $9.00

[Image: DRdnJnr.jpg]

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 06-30-2016, 10:33 PM
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Hi Journeyman, I PM'd you about the blades

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 07-09-2016, 06:39 PM
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Price reduced on Shavemac brush to $160.00.

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 07-15-2016, 04:39 AM
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