06-28-2016, 10:14 AM
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Hello all,
I just recently got a SE razor so my DE is out. Lol. This is the last of my DE stock. Shipping CONUS payment by PayPal. Shipping will be $7 for small box or padded envelope, depending on single or multiple items. Multiple items will ship for free.

- $15 used for week no box. Like new condition Edwin Jagger DE89bl
-$20 new with box Edwin Jagger DE89bl
-$15 ,29 packs of Gillette 7'oclock sharpEdge
-$15 ,18 packs of Feathers black packs.
-$120 JH Ti Barber Pole Type 1
Approx. Length and Diameter: 90mm x 14mm
Approx. Weight: 50 grams.
Just add the above shipping cost of the $7 to the item or FREE shipping for multiple items.
[Image: 2948a671b761065a80cc7496c5b42925.jpg][Image: 57e148ca3acb61f229ac57afc19aa23c.jpg][Image: 398e3cfa998edd071d1eaff0d7875a6d.jpg][Image: 23a22681bab0af3f298dd0da84623a75.jpg][Image: 176563ad0320e81548de277f94939ce2.jpg][Image: a60d69817962bd8d06d6a2514662ab4c.jpg]

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