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Here is my recipe for a generic tonic that can be used as a hair tonic or after shave.It is pretty much unscented and can be mixed with any other scent.
Glass bottle
8-10 oz witch hazel
1-2 oz alcohol
1-2 tsp glycerin
2 aspirin
2 tsp boric acid
Shake well

Start with 1 tsp of glycerin and add more if the moisturizing or hair hold ability of the tonic is not enough.
The witch hazel is soothing and has minor anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.The aspirin and boric acid also have these properties.
The alcohol also has its obvious properties.
It is a good tonic that gives some hold and fights dandruff.I use it to tone down some of the stronger a/s out there and add moisturizing to some.
Add a few drops of your favorite scent for a scented hair tonic.(i like to do this with Clubman in particular)


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An interesting post. Thanks.

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