07-05-2016, 07:45 AM
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*SOLD,Plz.Archive*FS: 100+Feather AC (Artist Club) Pro Blades:
I am offering for sale the Feather Artist Club Pro & Pro SUPER Blades.
I have two (unopened) packs of Supers (20 blades each), and one Pro (20 blades), as well as three Pro dispensers with AT LEAST  40 blades total.
So, that is a total of 40 Pro Super Blades, and over 60 Pro blades.

Supers go for $23.50 and Pros for $19 EACH at Bullgoose, and $12.60 and $12.50 on amazon.

I'll sell  ALL 100 (plus) blades for $69/shipped (CONUS).

Please See below photos Feather AC Blades (Sharpee Mark on Levels of opened Pro Dispensors show blade levels)

[Image: 94wgZAl.jpg]
[Image: 3meWurY.jpg]

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 07-06-2016, 10:09 AM
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Thanks TSN and Buyer!!

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