07-07-2016, 11:33 AM
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The downsizing den clearance continues.  Offered up are two wonderful handles for the king cobra.  

First up, a one of a kind handle made by a machinist in Wales UK.  There is no retail price for it, but I am offering it up for much less than I paid.  My cost with shipping was $102.43, offered for sale at $85.  Shipped USPS Priority Mail to the US.  Please note, the cobra head is NOT included, it is just there for the pictures.

[Image: K3o9QxB.jpg]
[Image: OOzwg9t.jpg]
[Image: mlBKXDd.jpg]

Up next is a Jürgen Hemple Titanium Wave which I bought from Bullgoose at $100.  Also $85 shipped USPS Priority Mail to the US.

[Image: TElWS12.jpg]
[Image: MPmqNDv.jpg]

Buy both for $165

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