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Up for sale is a lot of 4 Shavettes for those who are interested in them.  3 are common and 1 is very hard to find.

All four razors are in the lot, and the total price is $30 shipped.  

Feather L - This is the only one of these I have seen, although I've only looked for them when I bought it and now when selling.  This razor takes Feather AC style blades.

Mr C.  - Bought new, never used.  Uses Feather AC blades.  Retail $30 (http://www.clippercenter.com/mrc.html)

Vincent Razor / hair shaper - Bought new, never used.  Uses Feather AC blades (the original 2 included), has two blade holders, one with a guard and 1 without).  Retail is a whopping $7.  (http://www.bestclippers.com/vi62doedra.html)

Hess EZY Shave - Also bought new, never used.  Uses Personna blades (2 included)  Retail $30 (http://www.clippercenter.com/hess1010.html)

[Image: wHpDU0h.jpg]
[Image: ws15fuy.jpg]
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