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I know this has been discussed before. What I would like to do is convert some EdTs I never use into a nice AS splash. Yes, I have read the "add water and alcohol" advice. But I like a little extra skin care in my AS. Does anyone have a recipe, or is there a product out there one can mix with an EdT to create a nice smelling AS splash?

Why this hassle? I have some nice EdTs I picked up from an episode of fragrance addiction disorder years ago. They sit unused in a bathroom drawer, a real shame. I just don't wear EdT or EdP very often - too much scent to inflict on people at work or at home. But diluting them down to an AS, and having a little extra to make the skin feel nice, that would work for me.

I'm trying to think of things that benefit an AS: witch hazel, glycerin, lactic acid (Lucido has this, and it is a miracle ingredient for me), menthol.

So... anyone out there have a recipe?

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 08-02-2012, 10:46 AM
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Here's what I do *generically*. As every EdT varies in scent and strength I vary the proportions to match the individual product I am working with.

I get an inexpensive clear plastic travel container for carrying toiletries on planes. These can have spray tops, or just flip tops ... whatever is your preference. I think they are roughly 2 oz containers.

I then fill one of these roughly 25% to 33% ( or even 50% at times ) with generic witch hazel ( typically WH that is 14% alcohol ). I may add some 'goodies' at this point but that is to individual taste ( glycerin, vitamin e, maybe menthol, etc ... but witch hazel itself is a fine astringent and the alcohol content keeps cooties from growing easily in your concoction). ** If I do add goodies it is usually measured in drops. ** At this point I usually fill up the rest of the container with the cologne, and shake well to blend.

I've had good luck with some products doing this, though I've never tried it with a really expensive product. I even use this same scenario to cut the strength of aftershaves ( Clubman Special Reserve / Aqua Velva Musk / Pinaud Bay Rum ) I want to make a little more subdued in the scent department.

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 08-03-2012, 11:02 AM
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I usually mix up edt or cologne with some witch hazel, Aloe vera gel, and a few things like Hyaluronic acid gel, Bulgarian Rose Otto, Collagen and Colostrum.

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