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My transplanted friend shops estate sales in North Carolina. He found this nice razor and thought of me. Swell guy!

[Image: OLXtEar.jpg]
That's not reflected light on the case lid just dirt. Notice the red painted handle. After a good soak and some elbow grease it cleaned up pretty nicely.

[Image: lrdl7lc.jpg][Image: V42slqN.jpg][Image: 8Xo5xxe.jpg][Image: vxHCzKj.jpg][Image: XEHWI2e.jpg]
Try as I might, I just couldn't get the last remnants of paint off. I soaked it first in hot soapy water and then in rubbing alcohol. Gentle abrading with an emory board and then 0000 grade steel wool, with a good tooth brushing between each soak.

The previous owner stamped his initials, "B. H." in the handle. I wonder if he painted it too...

[Image: tJl4Vek.jpg][Image: KjHfWCC.jpg]

As long as I was snapping photos I took a few pics with my other G types.

[Image: VNtubIg.jpg]

Notice how the "shoulders" on each razor are differently shaped.
[Image: EOXHLI1.jpg][Image: GESdSQd.jpg]

Thanks for looking Smile

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