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I have 14 vintage razors for sale.  I'll try to describe any issues with the razors, but if you would like to see a close up pic of something, just let me know.
Feel free to make an offer.  

#1--Gillette New OC.  All teeth straight and intact.  Slight dull finish on cap.  Case is in rough shape.  $30 $25
#2--Gillette New OC.  All teeth straight and intact.  Cap shows a lot of plate loss, but the rest of the razor looks great.  $27 $22
#3--Gillette New OC with ball handle.  All teeth are straight and intact.  $28 $22
#4--Gillette Ball Handle Tech--Triangular Slots.  Dull finish on cap.  Handle and head look very nice.  $25 $18
#5--Gillette Black Handle Tech--Triangular Slots.  Razor and box both look very nice.  $28  $22
#6--Gillette Super Adjustable.  S2 Date Code--1972.  Razor looks great but there is tension when opening and closing the doors.  They open and close but they stick until you twist the handle harder.  Great functioning razor.  $14 $11
#7--Gillette Bar Handle Tech.  Original cardboard advertising card is still present under the head.  Looks like this razor hasn't ever been used.  One corner of dull finish on the head.  $18  $14
#8--Schick Injector Razor w/original box.  G Type injector.  $16  $14
#9--Gillette Sensor Metal Handle  $12  $10
#10--Star Bakelite Razor in Bakelite Case.  Similar to the Gillette Bakelite Razor from the 1940's.  Handle and head are Bakelite and cap is metal.  Much of the paint from the cap has worn off.  $12
#11--Gem OC Micromatic SE Razor--The Open Comb Micromatic is one of the most aggressive razors I have ever used.  If you are looking for an aggressive SE razor, then you should try this one out!  Twist head opens and closes easily.  $14 $12
#12--Gem Junior SE Razor--This model has a gold head and a Bakelite handle.  $8  $6
#13--Ever Ready Shovel Head SE Razor--Top of head is engraved "Compliments of Sears Roebuck and Co.  The World's Largest Store."  Head is very shiny and looks like it has seen very little use.  This is the first "Sears" version of this razor that I have ever seen.  $20--SOLD!
#14--Schick 66 Injector Razor--This Schick 66 model was sold for 66 cents in 1948-49.  It has a dark blue handle with a silver textured head.  Type G Injector.  $20
All prices are CONUS.  Anyone outside of the US can PM me for a shipping price.  

I hope you see something you like!  
[Image: CsolJHs.jpg][Image: dppx72V.jpg][Image: EpYxHfm.jpg]

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Sears DE Razor has been sold!

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