07-16-2016, 09:11 AM
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Vintage Mennen Skin Bracer available for $16 including Conus shipping usps ground rate. All products are lightly used. Paypal.

1. SOLD - Caties Bubbles Mile High Menthol - SOLD
2. SOLD - Nanny's Ice and a Slice (sells for $19 - 14 + 5 shipping) SOLD
3. Mennen Skin Bracer - vintage 9 ounce glass bottle with original box
NOTE: Atkinsons and B&M DFS shown in the photos are NOT included (already sold).
NOTE: Catie's Bubbles has been sold.
NOTE: Nanny's has been sold.

[Image: E6Goyl2.jpg]
[Image: 7013b8v.jpg]

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