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Up for sale is a few razors hones that i can no longer keep due to unfortunate circumstances. I would like to sell these or trade a few for a shapton 30k glass stone. 

I also have included for sale a classic edge black scuttle made in England. Retail on scuttle is $65 I want 30 + shipping

All prices - CAD

150x40mm Les Petas - bottom left -$100 + shipping (box and slurry stone included) 

Size 7? Les Latneuses Bout bottom right - $250 + shipping 

175x40mm La Nouvelle Vein natural combo 
Middle right - $150 + shipping 

200x50mm Unknown vintage glued combo bbw slurry stone included. Middle left in photo - $200 + shipping 

Keen Kutter Kombination Barber Hone  top right - $45 + shipping 

200x50mm Washita top left in photo -$80 + shipping 

If you feel my prices are out of line feel free to pm me. Any questions please pm me. 

No I will not accept low ball offers , I don't think you'll find a collection of stones like this often.  They aren't your run of the mill sstones.

Read more: http://coticule.freeforums.net/thread/167/super-sale#ixzz4Ei37hYMX

These stones are from my personal collection.

[Image: LMcua2M.jpg]

[Image: nlIRLzH.jpg]

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 07-17-2016, 06:34 PM
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PM sent with question.


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