07-21-2016, 10:09 AM
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I bought recently a Mongoose B3 from the BST and purchased a Mongoose trial pack from Try A Blade.    From what I understand the Kai Mild is the mildest and Feather's have their reputation for always being sharp.  

Is there even a progression scale of how thick the blades are or something to determine their efficiency from mildest to sharpest?  

Or because the list is so small, one can pretty much start with the Kai Mild and randomly pick any of the other blades once the technique is improved with the absolute mildest blade?

1. Feather Professional
2. Feather Professional Super
3. Feather ProGuard
4. Kai Captain Titan Mild
5. Kai Captain Titan ProTouch MG
6. Kai Captain Original
7. Kai Captain Sharpblade
8. Kamisori

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 07-21-2016, 02:11 PM
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I didn't even know they many different blades were available.

I think the ones with the guard on them are the mildest.

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