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Hi everyone - 

This is a tough one as I am selling a Paladin brush and several products that I really cherish.  These prices include CONUS shipping via USPS Priority Mail with tracking.  I will ship the Paladin and the Esjberg lot internationally but please PM me about shipping costs and services.  Please note that due to its size, the Latha lot would be too cost prohibitive to ship internationally and I am not willing to break it up; also please give me a day or two to get it all packaged up and ready to ship.  I accept Paypal.


1. Paladin Sumo shaving brush in butterscotch.  24mm knot with a 46mm free loft measurement.  It looks funny but is in my opinion the best brush ever made.  Paladin's two-band knots are worthy successors to the now-extinct Simpson's two-band and even the Rooney Finest.  It has a medium density which makes it adept at any type of soap or cream and for any type of method, be it face-lathering (my preference), bowl-lathering, or otherwise.  The handle is very ergonomic as the bottom "bulb" easily fits in the palm of the hand.  When in stock, they retail for $140 so I am trying to recoup what I paid: $140.  SOLD!  Thanks bijou and TSN!


2. Barrister & Mann Latha lot.  This includes the following unused:
           Latha Taiga (Balsam/Pine/Cedar scent, two soap containers plus non-alcohol aftershave splash)
           Le Petit Chypre (Petigrain/Oakmoss/Laudanum, one soap container)
           Latha "regular" (Lavender, Oakmoss, Heliotrope, one soap container)
           Oceana (Aqua/Bergamot/Sandalwood/Jasmine, one soap container)

The following have been used: Oceana soap container (about 70% left) and splash (about 70% left), Le Petit Chypre soap container (90% left), and Latha "regular" splash (about 50% left).

If you prefer your products to have quality ingredients with no alcohol (please note the Le Petit Chypre products do have some menthol), these are perfect.  I love non-alcohol splashes and I find the B&M splashes to be the best out there.  And of course these all have great and powerful scents and can be good all-year products, although I do tend to favor the Oceana during summer and the Taiga during winter.  New, these products cost me $98.  I am looking for $60 for the whole lot, shipped.  SOLD!  Thanks EricM and TSN!


3. Esbjerg cream and aftershave lot.  This is a re-list from a prior posting. The cream is 4 ounces (150g) and the the aftershave cream and milk are 1.7 ounces (50g) each.  These are a great "sensitive skin" product and have great moisturizing characteristics for any skin.  The Amber & Cardamom scent is very warm with a slight resinous scent to it.  The base cream really provides a nice presence in the scent.  The shaving cream is very, very slick and only needs a little to really work.  Both the aftershave and the milk only need a tiny amount to soothe the face, and I was using the milk as just a general all-purpose facial moisturizer.  The shaving cream comes in a substantial plastic tub and the aftershave and milk come with pump dispensers and in the same type plastic container.  The shaving cream and aftershave cream have been used a total of 3-4 times and the milk about the same.  The shaving cream retails for $24, the aftershave cream and milk for $20 each (total of $64).  I bought them from the B/S/T here for $48 and so I'm looking for $45.

As always feel free to comment about my descriptions and pricing here.  If you have any other questions, please PM me.

Thanks for looking,

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All items sold!  Thanks everyone!

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