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My nephew had this epiphany he doesn't like a gifted Merkur VS his EBAY straight ( he needs to shave perhaps once a week) and returned it. A unexpected gift arrived from a forum member and I'm looking at my first combination of product that delivered all we hope for over 6 years ago.
So, this morning a Super Iridium was installed in my Merkur HD WITH wax dots in situ. I thought back then they helped secure the blade. My badger brush soaked in tap water.Back then I thought  banded refered to the number of ridges in the handle. I played Bach's WHILE SHEEP SAFELY GRAZE as I lathered up a new puck of Mitchell's Wool Fat. Once again,like some kind of idiot savant I produced plenty of lather for a 4 pass shave with iffy water. I still must be doing something horribly wrong as old complaints of difficulty lathering keep appearing periodicaly. A quick wash in ice cold water and the very last splash of Alt Innsbruk in my bottle. I've been saving it just to smell until  reordering. I remember
receiving a sample vial from Phil and splashing it on just before walking to the nearby crematorium/fast food Burger King in the empty K Mart next to the apartments. This lady in the booth next to me kept flaring her nostrils like a predatory beast catching prey on the wind.
I cleaned up and took pause. Where did all this neat stuff come from? Mostly lots of nice friends on the forum and thankyou you all again. I now possess what we excuse with 'rotation'  that makes sense with brushes drying but little else. I remember thinking MWF would be a winter soap only, put away like seersucker suits and white suits. I was going to switch over to a vegetable based soap for summer. Another idea that rolled back down my learning curve.
I walked out to my radio playing live coverage of the convention and counter protest.  The chief of the turtle clan was explaining some wrong with a drumming circle and chanting with rising wails in the background. I have to keep my promise with Lily- no politics except voting in November. I change the station;  classical wont tune in, landscaping equippment outside. I venture beyond to a  rock station. I hear PUTTING ON THE RITZ and crank it up. Pyewacket gets up and goes to curl up behind the toilet, coolest spot in the apt; giving me the ' I can't take you anywhere look'. Sbathroom_grooming_shaving_100-100

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Ahh Kav, what a great song with strong reference to wetshaving...

I looked at your face every day - your own

But I never saw it 'til I went away - and let the razor do the talking
When winter came - I used Mitchell's wool fat
I just wanted to go (wanted to go) - Away from the cart
Deep in the desert - Using menthol products
I longed for the snow - Again, menthol


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