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Hi everyone - 

I have a couple of items up for sale.  These include CONUS shipping via USPS Priority Mail with tracking.  I am willing to ship internationally, but please PM me to discuss (the Single Edge package will probably be prohibitive cost-wise to ship since its based off of weight).  I accept Paypal for payments.


1. The Single Edge stainless steel injector razor package from Supply Provisions.  Comes with three settings pieces, unused injector cartridge (20 blades), and blue canvas travel pouch.  This is from the Kickstarter campaign and in full disclosure one of the "flawed" initial batch of razors.  The flaw consists of having to push on the baseplate to remove the used blade; you can still easily inject a new blade.  To be honest, the "flaw" was never a big deal for me since how often do you deal with blade changes?  Also, if you used an "unflawed" injector, it still just injects the used razor out on the counter so while it is characterized as a flaw, its not different at all from a "regular" injector.  And, in getting this razor ready to sell, when I tried injecting a new blade in, it popped the old one out just like it should!

OK, enough about that.  This injector is easily reminiscent about the old PAL injectors, with a single satin metal front.  However, this is all stainless steel and very hefty so its like upgrading from a Feather Popular to the Feather AS-D2.  For me the middle setting plate shaved just as well and close as any injector I've used, and I've used injectors from many different years.  The aggressive setting (the 3 dot plate) is fairly aggressive, while (honestly) the mild setting plate (1 dot) is too mild.  It comes with a full cartridge of 20 injector blades.  I've always liked injectors because the blades are thicker and last longer; I tend to get about 2-3 weeks from one blade, so for me, the full cartridge could last almost a year.  It also comes with an unused waxed canvas travel pouch and all the packaging materials I received it with.  These are currently not available for sale, but when they are, they will be $129 for the package ($95 for the "custom" razor, $25 for the pouch, and $9 for the blades).  I am also going to include a user-grade Schick Hydromatic injector and a few extra Schick blades as part of the package.  I funded Single Edge razor Kickstarter campaign at $80, so I would like $75.


2. Vulfix Super Badger turnback travel brush.  19mm knot/50mm loft.  I actually think this brush outperforms the Simpson Major turnback brush.  It is just as practical for travel and just as easy to use (either screwed into the "case" handle or on its own), but it feels a little bit bigger, both in the hand and in performance.  One of the typical drawbacks for Vulfix is that their knots are floppy, but due to its constraints, this is fairly dense and has held up very well.  The Super Badger grade on this brush is, in my opinion, a tad better than Simpson's Best (the usual comparison with Vulfix's Super designation) and is very soft.  I bought this from the BST here for $25, and quite honestly I cannot go any lower than that.  Its only be used 2-3 times (I don't travel much!) and hasn't lost a hair.  So I am looking to get what I bought it for: $25.

As always, feel free to comment about my pricing and descriptions here.  Otherwise, please PM me for anything else.

Thanks for looking,

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