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A common complaint with many scents is longevity. I had lunch with my girl yesterday and thought to wear  newly gifted Endymion. I gently agitated the contents, aimed for my left ear and PHHHTTT  hit my freshly starched shirt collar. Lets try this one more time, recall
breath control, subtle increasing trigger finger pressure, site alignment PHHHTTT hit the other side of my collar. O.k. recall Will Money, get  shotgun and managed to scent my throat.
Wake to knocking on door. Upstairs nieghbor's bathtub is backed up so they have to snake our common line. I dress hurriedly and throw on yesterday's shirt. I smell Endymion. All reviews on BASENOTES hold common complaint of a 2-3 hour drydown. Then I remember someone somewhere telling me a shirt will hold the scent longer without any individual chemistry.
I almost hate to change into a fresh shirt. My nieghbor uses some sickly sweet shampoo that filled my bathroom. I hang yesterday's shirt in their, turn on the fan. If this trick doesn't help, go to the dollar store and buy shampoo with Bambi and flowers on the label. 4 and a half hours and it still smells in there.

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