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Thanks for looking…please just PM me, if interested.

Want to trade:

Shannon’s Nil (4 oz., 90-95%; retail $12 + shipping)

Stirling Island Man (4.5 oz., lathered 1x; in CRSW tin; $9 + shipping)

TRADED  Beaver Woodwright Jolly Roger (4 oz, new; $15 + shipping) 
Interested in equivalent value of these or similar products:

MW – Bay Rum, Sweet Briar, Cedar and Sage, Sandalwood; Bergamot, Cedarwood and Juniper; Coconut Lime Verbena, Poggio dei Pini

WSPRustic: Blackbeard, Citrus Blast, Mahogany, Matterhorn; Formula T: Mahogany, Ol’ Kentucky

Reef Point – Admiralty, Peerless

CRSW – v.2 Bergamot and Bay, Citrus, Sandalwood; Oliva Colonia Mediterranea (or older versions)

CATIE’S BUBBLES – Santal Sensuelle, Un Jour Gris, La Vert Orange, Ocean Grove

B & M – Oceana or Taiga Latha

…or other natural, artisan soaps that aren’t love ‘em or hate ‘em, polarizing fragrances.

[Image: 7QjPnKU.jpg]

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