07-30-2016, 06:48 PM
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Take everything pictured for only $39 shipped (US only)


The stand has a small chip in the base, but everything else is in excellent condition.

The Fine bowl sells new for $25 and the Stand sells new for $30... we'll call everything else a freebie!

The vintage Mohawk scuttle and Old Spice bowl are both really cool!

[Image: ?url=uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com%2F20160731...f3a3f1.jpg]

[Image: ?url=uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com%2F20160731...4fa429.jpg]

[Image: ?url=uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com%2F20160731...00e9dc.jpg]

[Image: ?url=uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com%2F20160731...5777d6.jpg]

[Image: ?url=uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com%2F20160731...6e948b.jpg]

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