08-03-2016, 12:00 AM
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Is there a huge difference? I love love love the post shave feel about beta 4.2, but it seems the upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 have to do with the lovely face feel I experienced after using beta 4.2.

Would definitely need more scent from them!

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 08-03-2016, 03:14 AM
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I own them all. I can't honestly detect that much of a difference. They all perform great for me.

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 08-05-2016, 09:11 AM
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Can't see too much difference either. They are all great.

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 08-05-2016, 09:45 AM
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These were my comments months back on reddit. Forgive the notes on scent as the poster on the reddit thread had asked.

Felce Aromatica-I liked this and got it originally when it came out and liked the performance but i had someone in the fragrance that didn't agree with my nose and I got rid of it simply because of scent.

Dolomiti-Easily the most used soap in my entire den. Never test lathered it but almost done with a whole puck. I use it because it is great lather but the silt/fragrance is suitable for my skin (acne) and helps clear up my complexion. Not everyones favorite SV but I am likely to keep a few pucks on hand as my best usable soap. 

Manna di Sicila-This doesn't have my favorite scent but it's nice and tolerable but the added Manna ash is noticeable and the lather is very protective. It does require a bit extra whipping and mixing but the ash is also nice the face. A true keeper when it comes to the SV collection in terms of performance.

Flying Mango-Not my favorite scent but I used this recently and it is really very nice in the lather department. Nice residual slickness as well as good post shave on the face. I wouldn't go crazy searching high and low for this one. Many people tolerate the scent but I don't think it is as refined as it could have been.

70th Anniversary-I really enjoy using this one. Very nice scent and performance is very consistent. Good in shave performance and nice post shave feel. Easy to use with a variety of brushes.

Cosmo-This scent is really warm, coffee centered, almost chocolatey and dark. The formula seems to require more mixing and water but has in my experience the densest, most stable and creamy, protective lather. The post shave is also probably the best in the line of SV. If the scent wasn't so distinct and dark, I would use it more often.

I put a line above as I have had mixed results in the dialing in of each soap in terms of how much water i can take. I find the Dolomit can take the most, followed by the Manna being able to take quite a bit and the 70th being able to whip up the quickest and not needing as much. I also use badger brushes for the most part. 

The two soaps below have nice performance but felt that the formulation is different enough that using natural hair brushes didn't give me consistent results. So I found that I got best results with the Colonia and Tundra Artica with a wet synthetic and really load with an overly wet technique.

Colonia-Great scent! Acqua di Parma lovers take notice. The lather is very slick and the post shave makes your face feel incredibly soft! My issue is that the lather seems a bit lacking in protection (maybe that means cushion). I seem to always get nicks when I use this so I may use it with a med-mild aggressive razor. Still would recommend getting this if youre looking for awesome smelling slick lather.

Tundra Artica-Definitely a unique soap. Not the strongest smelling soap and definitely a darker scent. It was the most foamy protolather of them all but the film it leaves on the face once you splash some lather on is very very slick and slimey. The lather itself is slick but not sure if it is the most slick of them all from SV in the lather. But that film from the lather stays on the face and if you are into buffing with residual slickness with your razor, this may be the soap for you. The bonus for this soap/aftershave is that it is fantastic at eliminating razor burn and redness.

Hope that helps and feel free to ask away if I was clear enough.

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