08-04-2016, 01:37 PM
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I'm looking to trade my Savile Row 3324 brush (knot: 24mm x 54mm), pics shown below.  The curled tips (dry) / gel tips (wet) on this brush are super luxurious, and it has really nice backbone.  Brush is in very good condition and is not a shedder.  Etched logo and handle look and feel as new.  

I'd consider trading for a 2-band brush of similar high quality - possibly Shavemac, Thater, or similar; and I'd prefer a fan shape.  Or maybe a 3 band brush with a lower loft.  I'm open to suggestions, but please no scritchy brushes as my sensitive skin would rebel!  PM with pics if you're interested in a trade.  Thanks   

[Image: XzPjj7r.jpg]
Curled tips:
[Image: TKexGwP.jpg]
Nice clumped tips once dry overnight:
[Image: Otelr3t.jpg]

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