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Not sure is anyone has seen this before but it is a 1884 catalog from Theo. A Kochs in Chicago featuring barber supplies.  There are several other catalogs there also.

What is really interesting is the furniture in the front of the catalog plus the mugs.  If you are looking for a huge selection of soaps - sorry - just 6 choices total.


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 08-05-2016, 12:40 PM
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A few fun finds in the catalogue:

[Image: pricelistbarbers00koch_0008.jp2&scale=2&rotate=0]
Kochs' Barbers' Chair No 9 with a grand and stately appearance, yours for 70$.

[Image: pricelistbarbers00koch_0019.jp2&scale=2&rotate=0]
Kochs' Modern Reclining Barbers' Chair No 1, covered by patent and costing 25$.

[Image: pricelistbarbers00koch_0029.jp2&scale=2&rotate=0]
A 72 hole Mug Case with Base can be yours for 25.50$, and might be just enough to store your soaps.

[Image: pricelistbarbers00koch_0052.jp2&scale=2&rotate=0]
A range of Barbers' Poles, ranging from 2$ and up to 15$.

[Image: pricelistbarbers00koch_0061.jp2&scale=2&rotate=0]
[Image: pricelistbarbers00koch_0060.jp2&scale=2&rotate=0]
A nice selection of designs for mugs.

[Image: pricelistbarbers00koch_0072.jp2&scale=2&rotate=0]
Brushes - No 87 and 90 is particularly adapted for shop use.

[Image: pricelistbarbers00koch_0084.jp2&scale=2&rotate=0]
Bay Rum and Hair Oil - at 2$ per gallon (3.8 litre)

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Another good source for old vintage material and ads, most probably already know about it, is Razor Emporium's archive site

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I would build that mug case - I just couldn't fit it in my bathroom!

If you look at the 1888 Kochs catalog parts of it are actually in color and they expanded it by a lot.  Barber pols are in color.

[Image: JMr2rYG.jpg]

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