08-08-2016, 10:14 AM
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Okay.............a few things gone after the weekend!  But we still have a few left my friends!  So in a effort to move the existing stock to make room for supplies and purely custom orders we have created a 20% off coupon on site! 

We need to make room for incoming wood stock and I am reminded that maybe I should have built a bigger shop for sure!  Well, hind sight is what we all know it to be for sure. 

So we have a double relief maple with accent score in a double band badger which to me is one sweet brush for sure.  We also have the three brush limited edition set in high mountain badger with Holy Land olivewood.  Lastly there is the beautiful olivewood barber's brush with gunmetal accent band in silvertip badger!

And of course our aftershaves are single batch made per order.  We will always carry those and continue in our spare time try and come up with more scents that we deem pleasing and sought after.

Thank you and happy shaving!

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 08-09-2016, 05:30 AM
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I have had a few inquiries on the coupon.  When you go to the Bonanza site linked in my signature you will see at the top of each item for sale the coupon.....simply click on it to activate it and place the item in the cart.  Voila........it is discounted and our loss of pre-making a brush is your gain.

I will have to go back to my tally sheet to see just how we are losing!  Glad this is not a income maker for food!!!!!  But I am reminded of our motto..........making custom brushes for working men and women at most often 2/3's the price!  Why should only those with gifted salaries expect something nice is a belief we had when we started this venture.

But once again, thanks to those who have bought and those who may buy.  We are a small artisan shop nestled in the hills of the Uwharrie Mountain area chain and aim to please.

My ADD must be kicking in as I type so I better go and do something to occupy my restlessness..... Biggrin

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