08-10-2016, 06:58 AM
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Anyone else get theirs yet?  What do you think?  I really enjoy it. It's got a very unique scent that's very pleasant. I'm glad Joe used his(for lack of a better term) higher end soap base for this. Is it THE BEST soap/shave over had? No. But a very very nice shave nonetheless. I shaved with it yesterday afternoon. Next my face is still very smooth this morning.

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 08-10-2016, 07:53 AM
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I used a Shave Revolution Synthetic and loaded fairly wrung out on top of the cream for about 40 seconds. Face lathered and added the water slowly. I was pretty happy with the density and slickness of the lather before the first pass. The lather stayed hydrated and was protective. I shaved first pass against the grain using BBS-1 (fresh Voshkod) and very favorable results. Lather on the second pass was a bit thin so more loading next time, probably up to a minute would be good using the same brush. I am always surprised if I get a shave that only results in about 1 nick. Usually a really good shave can consist of quite a few nicks. 

This is seriously the first time I have shaved with a Razorback soap in almost a year and a half. I am not a fan of cream type consistency software but this is the quality of soap I wish Joe was making a couple years back. I will give this and SMdF a few tries over the next month. Post shave was decent and I walk away happy that the first use was a fun and comfortable shave.

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