08-10-2016, 03:14 PM
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A few shaving soaps for sale.  Sorry, no trades.  First, a custom one-of-a-kind, tallow-based Dapper Dragon Egyptian Musk 4 oz., used just once.  This has a great light scent and lathers well.  Was $19.50 new, yours for $18.00 shipped CONUS.  SOLD

[Image: RpkFD0L.jpg][Image: RKu3d9Z.jpg][Image: Ox80mlU.jpg]
Second, the tallow-based RazoRock Limited Edition 'hard' XXX, which is out of stock everywhere, used only a couple times.  Great Italian scent and lather.  New it was $16.94, yours for $15.00 shipped.  SOLD
[Image: IfDuOOM.jpg][Image: uic9PDN.jpg][Image: WK6CqWG.jpg]
And finally, a puck of Fitjar Grapefruit soap, no longer available anywhere.  Used, it weighs about 75g, which I believe is what its new weight was, although I'm not certain.  These soaps sold retail for over $30.  You can have this one for $15 shipped.  SOLD
[Image: Uj2VBJX.jpg][Image: F1hm3uX.jpg]

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