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Courtesy of archive.org; the Barber Instructor and Toilet Manual. Everything an aspiring barber needs to know - or rather, needed to know in 1900.

A fun and interesting read, well worth looking through.

A few plates:
[Image: barberinstructor00brid_0009.jp2&scale=4&rotate=0][Image: barberinstructor00brid_0023.jp2&scale=4&rotate=0][Image: barberinstructor00brid_0028.jp2&scale=4&rotate=0][Image: barberinstructor00brid_0049.jp2&scale=4&rotate=0]

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 08-11-2016, 11:06 AM
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Very nice - thanks for posting.  I loved the beginning "The occupation of barber is an institution of civilized life, and is only known among those nations that have made a certain progress in civilization."

Funny that the author says "once introduced, they became men of great notoriety, and their shops were the resort of all the loungers and newsmongers in the city."  This brings to mind the story you just posted on the Indian Barber Shops.  

I think I will skip the hair singeing though....

The Hair Restorative recipe calls for Sugar of Lead or lead acetate which is a neurotoxic substance and a probable human carcinogen.  No thanks - just shave it off if this is my only other choice.

The Camphor Ice calls for - Spermacetic Tallow - or the tallow from the head of a sperm whale - probably not something you are going to find anymore.

Like the poem:


The barber shaves with a polished blade,
While the milliner shaves when ladies trade:

The banker shaves at ten per cent;
While the landlord shaves in raising rent,

The doctor shaves in draughts and pills,
While the druggist shaves in pints and gills ;

The politician shaves the nation.
The preacher shaves for all salvation ;

The broker shaves in cashing notes ;
While the farmer shaves in corn and oats;

The lawyer shaves both friends and foes.
The pedler shaves where e'er he goes,

The wily merchant shaves his brother,
In fact you all shave one another.

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Hans, as always, thanks for the artifact!

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thanks for posting

I like that poem too, thank you

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