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My purge continues as I attempt to get my collection back to a manageable level.  All of the brushes I have been selling and am going to sell are top shelf and are only being sold as they are either too similar to something else I own or perhaps the handle/size isn't perfect for my tastes.  Prices include US Shipping and PayPal fees, international inquiries welcome.

[Image: GE93TkP.jpg][Image: IBWoTWY.jpg][Image: lalbABB.jpg]

Nick sure knows a thing or two about making excellent brushes.  The Envy White knot is excellent, providing firm backbone and very soft tips, reminding me a bit of the M&F Blonde from a few years back.  This is the LE he made for another forum which is a slight tweak on the Aluminati design, a much better looking handle in my opinion.  The knot measures 28x51mm.  These sold for $115, yours for $100.

[Image: nxbsxgT.jpg][Image: 1JRqqf0.jpg][Image: ZlLsAPk.jpg][Image: 8pMEC3b.jpg]

This Truefitt & Hill Large Silvertip is a rebranded Rooney (Style 3/ Size 3) from the "block letter" years.  I purchased this recently as NOS and it has some of the softest tips I have experienced on a silvertip knot.  The backbone is on the light side, but still more than adequate for face lathering with.  The faux horn handle has excellent coloration, but the screen printing is slightly worn. This beauty has only been used twice. The knot measures 26x51mm.  List was $149, yours for $140.

[Image: q94nUCJ.jpg][Image: Sp3L15M.jpg][Image: ZJ4o1dz.jpg]
Finally today I am offering this Kent KS5 which I restored a few years back with a Frank Shaving extra dense silvertip knot.  The hair in this knot shows the gel-like tips, a bit unusual for a 3-band and is Euphoric in use.  The handle is beautiful as well with an amazing patina, with the original lamp blacking still legible.  I am not a big fan of the Persian Jar handles so I'm passing this along.  The knot measures 23x45mm.  I have about $60 and lots of time wrapped up in this brush.  Take it for $45

Please feel free to ask any questions here or PM me to purchase.  I will not be making any price reductions as I really don't mind putting these back in the cabinet and selling something else if necessary.  I still have the Somerset Chubby and Semogue Texugo available from my other listing if you are interested.  

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