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The UK faced a beverage crisis after the first coffeehouse period. Ale and Cider simply couldn't keep up with demand and food supply. Twinings first imported tea from China and later Sir Robert Fortune went disguised into then forbidden China in a series of trips to secure seeds,trained workers and discover if black and green tea were separate species. Along the way he also brought back many ornamental plants now staple products of Nurseries. Eventually tea was established in India and became the national drink. It paired with sugar production, distilled suspect water and with a little milk provided a small degree of nutrition and stimulation for a days work and later the ritual of High Tea.
I don't know; I love my Kona. But calling somebody a Barrista doesn't make up for their lousy wages or having to ask if they have fair trade, shade grown coffee. I walk down to my local tea house when able. The scottish proprietor says 'Hello dear, now have a seat and I'll have your tea in just a minute ( it properly steeps for 5) and I have to choose between any number of delicacies from biscuits to sandwiches. She doesn't sell fusion Jazz CDs from some artist
back in rehab, and her internet is a landline telephone. I wear my maroon Macclesfield tie and handkerchief ( pouche or pocket square eslewhere) and she says 'how nice. Did you know that shade of Palantine is the school colours of ( unpronouncable) university'?
Every generation creates their own space and good on them. I'll avoid Starbucks ( stolen name from a folklore sailor) and enjoy my eccles cake.

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