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Hi everyone - 

Two workhorses and cherished items for sale today.  I would prefer to sell these together, but I am amenable to breaking them up.  Together I'd sell them for $60.  This includes CONUS shipping via USPS Priority Mail with tracking.  If you are an international buyer, please PM me; I usually include shipping unless its outrageous but not all tracking and delivery services are available.


(1) Klenzo B985 vintage butterscotch brush with TGN Finest knot.  The knot is 22mm wide by 50mm tall.  This handle is my absolute favorite type of handle, both shapely and ergonomic in nature.  The knot is the well-regarded TGN finest knot which has a medium density and can handle creams, soft soaps, and hard soaps easily.  For me the 22mm/50mm ratio is the most adaptable ratio out there as its not too tall nor too big nor too small.  As for aesthetics, I like the butterscotch handle contrasted with the dark finest hair.  I bought the knot with the original knot in it, steamed it out, widened the hole a little to accept the 22mm knot and affixed it with marine epoxy.  Its my first (and only!) restoration.  There is a decently-sized crack, as seen in the picture on the bottom left, but it is stable and has not increased in any way; any imperfection was as I received it.  Since butterscotching is a natural effect that takes place over time, it isn't "perfect" but that is the true joy of butterscotched handles in my opinion.  I bought the brush for a steal ($15 on eBay!) and the knot cost about $25, so I have about $40 in it.  It has never lost a hair and remains in perfect shape.  I would like $35 for it.


(2) Merkur 34C "Heavy Duty" safety razor with leather travel case.  The 34C is the perfect workhorse razor in my opinion.  It gets a "meh" reputation because its usually everyone's first razor (it was for me!) and its ubiquitous.  But it is much more than that, and its my only razor after having tried just about every razor bar the Wolfman or other newer high-end razors.  It is medium-aggressive but also has a high tolerance for "operator error."  I think the 3" length is the right length for maneuverability.  This particular razor's plating is just as it left the Merkur factory with no scratches or chips.  While the razor is zamack, the chromium plating is actually one of the strongest plating materials out there.  The two-piece design is one of my favorites too.  The 34C retails new for around $40.  I am looking for $30.  It has been cleaned and sterilized.  I will also include the Merkur branded leather case with it free (it retails for $15).  The case has seen better days but I've conditioned it with leather conditioner and does the job.

As always, feel free to comment about my descriptions and pricing in this thread.  For anything else, please PM me.

One final note, I am going to be away starting Thursday (8/18) afternoon through Sunday (8/21).  If you purchase either (or hopefully both!) during that time, I will get it mailed out first thing Monday (8/22) morning!

Thanks for looking,

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