08-21-2016, 08:17 AM
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Hello -

I need to clean out some extra gear that does not get much use as I am trying to purchase a house in the near future.  The sales are conus only. 

Please add $5 for shipping to each item.  Shipping will be done with a small flat rate priority mail box.

Any Questions, please ask.

Feather ASD2 - New it retails for $200 from Bullgoose.  I purchased this one used from the BST a few months ago.  Lightly used and in good shape.  $100


Barbasol Floating Head Razor  (sold)  - Nice user grade razor with some brassing and scratches.  It would be a good candidate for replating. Shaves well but my tastes have moved toward less aggressive razors. $85


ATT M2 & R2 Atlas handle
. (sold)  New the razor retails for $185 and roughly $70 for the base plate.  I purchased this as part of a 2014  5 piece set from Phil at bullgoose for $200 and sold the most aggressive plate. I used both sparingly.  The R2 plate probably has under 5 shaves on it and the M2 at most 20 shaves.  $120.


Razor Heads... Please Note that the BRW Improved handle is for DISPLAY only.  It is not for sale. The following items are heads only.
Weber Polished Head - (sold) Purchased new from Weber and used regularly for a while.  I just don't use it much any more $100

Gillette LC New - (sold)  Replated and purchased from Razor Emporium a few years ago.  I have two and am letting one go.  $20

Gillette Old Type (sold) This head came with a BRW Improved Handle that I purchased from BRW in 2010/11 IIRC.  I have two and am letting one go. $20

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 08-24-2016, 03:49 AM
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All razors, aside from the ASD2, have been sold.

Please Archive.

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