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Many posts have talked about my reknotted ACME shaving company with coyote hair from John Doe; or conversely my Valley of the blue Moon badger knot
installed in a 12 point buck antler tine I hit on the highway 2 hours after sunrise on opening day. No harm, unless possibly said brush is passed down and a buyer down the road thinks the brush 100 percent original.
I comissioned a custom bit once; reproduction 'lantern curb bit' from the 1880s with a copper indian thunderbird ( reverse swaztika). It was engraved with the maker's name in the sweet iron and copper mouthpiece. I sold it to a collector when I lost my horses with full provenance. HE sold it to a gunshow born again indian ( 1/64 WINNEBAGO TRIBE; eastern woodland ribbon shirt, dreamcatcher and Dine' belt buckle). He ground off the maker's mark, aged the bit
and traded it to another collector for a fake Kachina. I just received a catalog from a respected auction house of western memorabilia in L.A. My old bit is listed at 4 figures! I called, told the sales rep my credentials and the correct provenance. My $100 bit has been pulled.
I don't think we are near a pursuit generating fake Darwins. But there is a growing body of artifacts with some interesting pedigrees. Again, no harm if revealed, but the potenital if not.

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 08-22-2016, 03:01 PM
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Yep, revelation can do wonders to value... Both up or down.

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 08-22-2016, 03:48 PM
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A brush is no longer a brush when The Brush is Managing a Poker room. That is the name of a Poker room Manager is The Brush

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