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I recently got into SS razors and planned on using this handle. Turns out I prefer the grippier, deeper knurling on the handles the razors came with. I have recently sold some items so I am going to stick with trades. There is a small ding on the handle that I captured in the pic. Probably from being dropped. That is the only imperfection I can see. It has the magnetic end that can be removed. 


Length total: 80mm
Length without base: 65mm
Width main: 12mm
width of end: 15mm
Length of end: 15mm

Not looking:
Software- I simply have too much......and yet I keep buying more  Dodgy

Straights- I don't want to even crack that door open.  Smile

Of course things can be evened out with Paypal or other add-on items--either way

[Image: xkqxBwZ.jpg]

[Image: zUpaShQ.jpg]
[Image: 6IiFXEU.jpg]

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