08-25-2016, 03:42 PM
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I want to buy one of the Star Single Edge safety razors with either the 4-14-14 or 1915 (I think it's 7-20-15?) patent dates.  Some of them are marked Star Super Six or Star Kampfe Bros.  I'll include pictures of a couple of the models but there are a few variations, so let me know if you have something similar.  I have a case for one and need the razor.  I also have a bunch of SE, DE, injector and Auto Strop razors if you're looking for something in a trade.  Please PM me if you have something.  Thanks!

[Image: 8blZRXj.jpg][Image: IN9G8vu.jpg]

[Image: 7cbGM5t.jpg]

[Image: sITTh9c.jpg]

[Image: aC5Wy5e.jpg]

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