08-26-2016, 11:58 AM
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For sale conus shipping priority mail and payment by PayPal.

Used for about 2 weeks when my mongoose II was out of town. Lol. Paid $99 + shipping for the V2 anodized black mongoose and the stainless steel hex handle came off my mongoose II, don't sell separate at this time but thinking would be around $50.
So my offering is $130

[Image: d8500f71911d8d7a89bd659ebf7cfd01.jpg][Image: 62cce8b32c2b566ba82a1dbcd80c4564.jpg][Image: 352ff6b6635b2fd41ee5c4230329b85b.jpg][Image: fa775c020b76699323cef1eff7913f54.jpg]

AlumiGoose 2: 6061 grade

Total Weight:  48g
Handle Weight: 32g
Head Weight: 16g
Overall Length: 4 1/8″
Handle Length: 3 7/8″

Mongoose Hex Handle: Approx. Length and Diameter: 97.5mm x 12.5mm at flats and 14.2mm point to point
Approx. Weight: 98 grams

Thanks. Hope it gets a new home.

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 08-27-2016, 08:35 AM
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