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Phil's introduction of the Lady Bling is harbinger of a untapped customer base. I'm not into shaving my legs, not sure what soap variables apply. Some may take offense at a rush of pink product, though I think the bubblegum colored handle at Paladin actually Warburton masculine in a dusty rose, secure in my masculinity, want it way.
Are there potential products on the masculine, gender neutral or feminine side? Should it matter, especially if a Roller Derby revival team becomes interested? There is room to easily offend, lots more to expand.

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 08-26-2016, 03:46 PM
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There have been shaving products for women as long as I remember, at least since the Gillette Lady Starburst (blue, pink, or gold) in 1961. Strop Shoppe had soaps for women, and Barrister & Mann has one called Velvet. SRP used to have a forum for women straight razor shavers. I'll bet there is a bigger market for women interested in traditional DE or SE shaving and using a brush and puck than we realize. Perhaps my Koraat with pink scales could be considered a "gender neutral" straight. 

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