08-27-2016, 12:47 PM
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Clearing out some doubles. 

1x English Flare Tip. Your choice of either one shown. $40 includes shipping.

Canadian Issued Rocket made in England NDC $35 includes shipping. 

Package deal $70 for both 1x English FT and Canadian Issued Rocket made in England NDC.

Ships from Canada. O.B.O.
[Image: qZOJTHA.jpg]

[Image: r8Rec2D.jpg]

[Image: J3LCFqb.jpg]

[Image: y6azP3H.jpg]

Gillette W2 below:
[Image: xmcs9XS.jpg]

[Image: oeUauzB.jpg]

[Image: c09A2sp.jpg]

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